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Designated Safe Harbours

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Yemeri Creek at coordinate position 16˚55´58.12″N, 088˚14´42.43″W. Available depths of water 4 to 8 feet.

Placencia/ Mango Creek

Lagoon at coordinate position 16˚32´23.46″N, 088˚23´41.42″W. Available depths of water 5 to 9 feet.

Punta Gorda

New Haven in coordinate position 16˚15´41.46″N, 088˚35´48.43″W. Available depths of water 7 to 14 plus feet.

Belize City

  • Swallow Caye Bogue in position 17˚29´29.54″N, 088˚05´13.98″W. Available depths in this area is 7 feet.
  • Jones Lagoon in coordinate position 17˚26´32.1″N, 088˚16´18.63″W. Available depths 4.6 feet to 14 feet.
  • Robinson Point in coordinate position 17˚21´49.29″N, 088˚11´51.24″W. This area will only be used by large commercial vessels that will not be able to leave our territorial waters before a natural disaster hits.