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A trip plan (also known as a float plan or sail plan) is a document that outlines your expected travel itinerary while on the water. The plan should be given to a responsible person on shore in the event that you do not return from your trip on time or if there is a maritime casualty at sea.

Before leaving home port, captains/masters should prepare a sailing plan and leave a copy of the plan with a responsible person on shore (a relative, Local Police, Fisheries Officer or the Belize Port Authority (BPA), National Maritime Communication Center (NMCC). The person can then contact the NMCC if the need arises, for instance, if your estimated time of arrival is past overdue. The sailing plan will be used to assist the Search and Rescue Team in the event that a search needs to be conducted.

After leaving port you should contact the person holding the plan regularly or at least once a day. That person should be advised immediately if there are any changes to the scheduled voyage.

Email your sailing plan to the NMCC at:

Put in the subject box: Sailing Plan for ____________ (your name), and the date.

Remember always boat safely and responsibly!