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Home Maritime Safety Commercial Vessels Standard Decals & Markings

Vessels once registered must show the following identification marks no later than (5) days after registration:

  • Name on both bows – (No less than 6”)
  • Home Port on Transom – (No less than 3”)
  • Registration Number on both stern – (No less than 3”)

Note: All markings for Name and Home Port should be of light letters against a dark background or vice versa.

All boat owners are advised that once operating their vessel they must display a valid Sea Worthiness Certificate and the license decal inside the said vessel where it can be easily seen. This indicates to the boarding officer that the vessel has met the required standard and is currently licensed to operate.

The Belize Port Authority’s Inspecting Officers are responsible for determining the number of persons to be carried safely on your vessel. The number of passengers is determined by size, type of vessel, distribution of passengers, and equipment to be carried.

Overloading is an offence and is dangerous. Therefore, each boat operator must know the limitation of his/her vessel.