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The Belize Port Authority is the designated Authority and is responsible to determine which facility shall be designated as a “Port Facility” for the purposes of compliance with the Port Security Regulations and the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code.

Our ports are important elements in the overall national transportation network and are essential in sustaining our national economy.

In carrying out its responsibility to provide annual verifications to the maritime community to ensure that the international ports in Belize meet the standards of port facilities as mandated by the SOLAS Convention, under the ISPS Code, the BPA conducts annual verification inspections at all port facilities annually.

Sea Ports

Belize Port Authority Act (Chapter 233s)

Belize has nine (09) port facilities namely:

  1. Port of Belize Limited – Containerized and Break Bulk Cargo
  2. Port of Big Creek – Banana, Citrus, Petroleum
  3. Fort Street Tourism Village – Cruise Tourism
  4. PUMA Energy Bahamas S.A. – importation of fuel only
  5. Witconcrete – exportation of sugar
  6. Commerce Bight Port – un-operational
  7. San Pedro Terminal
  8. Harvest Caye Port
  9. Punta Gorda Port

The port inspectors continue to monitor all facilities for breaches and have attended the mandatory drills and exercises conducted at the facilities. The Safety and Security Department visited all port facilities and conducted regular spot checks to ensure compliance.

Substantive Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2003; Granting of Licenses 105 – 109:

“The Minister may, after consultation with the Authority, grant in writing a license to any person, corporation or other  body to operate and manage a privatized port or related services, subject to such terms, conditions and restrictions and on payment of such fees as the Minister may consider appropriate.”