Since the privatization of its operations, the Belize Port Authority has had to re-invent itself. The way forward has been challenging particularly in the context of today’s reality that demand that we do more with less. Notwithstanding the myriad challenges the Belize Port Authority has embraced it new role as a statutory regulatory body vis-à-vis a port operator.

With fresh and inspired leadership it remains committed to strengthening Belize’s maritime position. Through close partnership with our maritime stakeholders we continue to work to; improve the skills and knowledge of our seafarers; increase the efficiency and safety at our port facilities and maritimespaces; and to safeguard and secure all maritime transportation activities in Belize.

The future of Belize’s maritime sector is promising and we invite you to join us in helping to realize its tremendous potential. Together, with a shared vision, we will chart a new course for Belize, its maritime sector and all those whose stock-in-trade is the sea.


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