Michael Jenkins

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The Operations and Safety Department is responsible and mandated under our International Obligations and the Safety of Life at Sea Convention to carry out and provide the following services;

  • ISPS and Port Inspection: The Operations and Safety Department within the Belize Port Authority plays a critical role in implementing and maintaining compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. Their responsibilities include:
    1. ISPS Compliance: Ensure that port facilities and vessels operating within the port comply with the ISPS Code requirements for security measures and procedures.

2. Security Assessments: Conduct regular security assessments of port facilities and vessels to identify vulnerabilities and develop appropriate security plans.

3. Inspections: Perform inspections and audits to verify the effectiveness of security measures, including access control, surveillance systems, and response procedures.

4. Training and Awareness: Provide training programs to enhance the security awareness and capabilities of port personnel, promoting a culture of security throughout the port community.

5. Liaison with Authorities: Collaborate with relevant national and international authorities involved in maritime security to exchange information, align procedures, and address security concerns.


  • Hydrographic Surveys and Chart Updates: The Operations and Safety Department is responsible for conducting hydrographic surveys and maintaining up-to-date navigational charts to ensure safe navigation within the port area. Their duties include:
  1. Hydrographic Surveys: Conduct regular surveys of the port waters, channels, and approaches to collect data on water depths, underwater features, and navigation hazards.
  2. Chart Production and Updates: Use survey data to produce accurate and up-to-date navigational charts for the port area. Update charts as new information becomes available or when changes occur in the hydrographic conditions.
  3. Notices to Mariners: Issue Notices to Mariners to inform mariners of any changes, updates, or relevant navigational information affecting the port area.
  4. Liaison with Hydrographic Authorities: Coordinate with national hydrographic authorities or organizations responsible for chart production and share relevant data and information to ensure consistency and accuracy.


  • Aids to Navigation (ATON) Maintenance: The Operations and Safety Department is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the proper functioning of Aids to Navigation (ATON) within the port area. This includes:
  1. ATON Inspections: Regularly inspect and assess the condition, visibility, and proper functioning of buoys, beacons, lighthouses, and other navigational aids.
  2. Maintenance and Repair: Perform routine maintenance tasks, repairs, and replacements of ATON equipment to ensure their reliability and effectiveness.
  3. Chart and Publication Updates: Update navigational charts, publications, and electronic navigation systems to reflect changes in ATON positions, characteristics, or status.
  4. Emergency Response: Coordinate emergency response actions in case of ATON damage or failures, ensuring timely restoration to maintain safe navigation.
  5. Collaboration with Maritime Authorities: Work closely with maritime authorities, such as coast guard or navigation authorities, to align ATON maintenance efforts, share information, and address navigational safety concerns.

The Operations and Safety Department’s focus on ISPS and Port Inspection, Hydrographic Surveys and Chart Updates, and ATON Maintenance ensures the safe, secure, and efficient operation of the port, while promoting the overall maritime safety within the Belize Port Authority’s jurisdiction.