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Over the Water Structure Request

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The Belize Port Authority must be informed before any structures are placed in the sea. A detailed plan showing construction and dimension of the proposed structure along with a formal application letter must be sent to the Belize Port Authority for approval.

  • Input must be sought from the Municipal Council, Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Department of Environment before approval is granted.
  • Day markers are to be placed on piers to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Pier require the proper installation of amber flashing lights with (2) miles visibility at the 25ft, 50ft and 100ft points.
  • A draft Notice to Mariners must be submitted to the Ports Commissioner for approval before being publicized.
  • A Notice to Mariners must be placed in all major newspapers for a period of two weeks before construction commences.
  • Construction must remain within the final specification submitted and any alterations must be submitted to the Belize Port Authority for further written approval. Site visits will be conducted by the Belize Port Authority to ensure compliance with the specified conditions of the approval.

Administrative Fees

Administrative fee for review of requests for pier construction
and adjustment.

  • Piers up to 20 feet in length $300.00
  • Piers over 20 feet in length   $500.00