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How to Become a Marine Pilot

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Compulsory Pilotage:

The territorial waters of Belize is compulsory pilotage waters and all ships operating in those waters must do so under the pilotage of a license pilot. Expect those specified under the Belize Port Authority Act.

Failure to do so will deem the ship liable to a fine, in addition to the pilotage fee, levied as a charge by the Authority.


  • Had completed not less than five (5) years of apprenticeship under the supervision of a qualified pilot;
  • Had served no less than six (6) years as a Master of a home trade or coastal ship of not less than twenty-five tons registered tonnage;.
  • Applicant must provide 2 reference letters;
  • Applicant must provide a medical certificate showing his physical fitness, sight and hearing;
  • Applicant must pay the examination fee and complete the necessary examinations.


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Report when they have embarked a vessel.
  • Report when they have gotten underway indicating whether they are inbound or outbound.
  • Report when they have arrived at anchorage, alongside or at mooring (at the end of the evolution).
  • Report when they are about to disembark a vessel.
  • Report any emergency experienced onboard (loss of steering, loss of power, failure of electronic aids to navigation, fires, injuries etc.
  • Report any grounding, collision, near-miss or moved without the permission of the Commissioner.
  • Report any issues with aids to navigation in the prescribed format: working dull, not working, out of position or missing.
  • All reports and request must be made to the authority through the National Maritime Communication Center (NMCC).

Please note:

Any person whose application was not approved or the licence was cancelled by the Authority should not proceed to carry on duties of a pilot.

Any person who refuses to comply with such regulation will be liable upon summary conviction to six months imprisonment and fine.

Certified Marine Pilots

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