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The Registration Department is a service-oriented department and is committed to improving its operations to provide efficient and reliable services to the public. 

The Registration Department’s responsibility is to deter sub-standard vessels in the domestic and international trade, and ensure the overall safety of the marine environment through its flag, port and coastal State functions. In accordance with the Belize Port Authority Chapter 233 and the Harbours and Merchant Shipping Act Chapter 234 all vessels involved in coastal and river services must be registered & licensed with the Belize Port Authority.  Masters must be in possession of a valid Certificate of Competency (Master’s License) for the class of vessel being operated. 

The Registration Department:

This section is responsible for the following:

  1. processing of all applications regarding the registering and licensing of all domestic vessels to ensure the safe navigation of vessels from pleasure craft and fishing to convention sized passenger and cargo vessels – that are built equipped, operated and crewed according to the standards and regulations set out by the Belize Port Authority and the international conventions that Belize is a signatory to.
  2. Certification of Masters and issuance of Certificate of Competency (Master’s License).
  3. Registering & Licensing of Shipping Agents, Water Taxi Operators, Port Agents, Marinas, Port Facilities, and Marine Pilots; and 
  4. Any other certification and licensing.  

The department continues to focus on building and operationalizing efficient internal and external customer-focused systems to enhance customers’ interactions, expand our online services and provide quality in-person customer services.