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Evacuation from San Pedro Pier

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In Caye Caulker, the Belize Port Authority has identified twelve (12) piers with only two located on the leeward side of the island due to available draft. The Authority believes that most evacuations will take place from three locations, specifically the two water taxi terminals and the village pier located in the back (leeward side) of the island.

Positions for all identified piers that are ready to be used in the case of an evacuation are set out below:

  • 17°44´13″ N, 088°01´30″ W
  • 17°44´15″N, 088°01´29″ W
  • 17°44´22″N, 088°01´29″ W
  • 17°44´26″N, 088°01´24″ W
  • 17°44´30″ N, 088°01´22″ W
  • 17°44´33″ n, 088°01´21″ W ( Caye Caulker Water Taxi Terminal)

  • 17°44´37″ N, 088´01´21″ W (San Pedro Belize Express)
  • 17°44´45″ N, 088°01´21″ W
  • 17°44´52″ N, 088°01´21″W
  • 17°44´54s N, 088°01´22″ W
  • 17°44´38″ N, 088°01´37″W (Caye Caulker Village Pier)
  • 17°44´05″N, 088°02´16″ W