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Evacuation from San Pedro Pier

Home Services Evacuation from San Pedro Pier

San Pedro has many piers that people may use to be evacuated but those listed below are the piers that the Authority sees as safe for mass transfer of persons.

  • 17˚52̕44˝N, 087˚59̕33˝W
  • 17˚52̕51˝N, 087˚59̕24˝W
  • 17˚53̕17˝N, 087˚58̕50˝W
  • 17˚53̕25˝N, 087˚58̕44˝ W
  • 17˚54̕17˝N, 087˚58̕26˝W
  • 17˚54̕20˝N, 087˚58̕22˝W
  • 17˚54̕43˝N, 087˚58̕01˝W
  • 17˚54̕52˝N, 087˚57̕52˝W
  • 17˚54̕59˝N, 087˚57̕45˝W

  • 17˚55̕04˝N, 087˚57̕40˝W
  • 17˚55̕09˝N, 087˚57̕38˝W (Town Pier)
  • 17˚55̕15˝N, 087˚57̕33˝W
  • 17˚55̕21˝N, 087˚57̕29˝W
  • 17˚55̕41˝N, 087˚57̕34˝W
  • 17˚55̕19˝N, 087˚57̕44˝W (gas station)
  • 17˚55̕12˝N, 087˚57̕52˝W ( Saca Chispas Water Taxi Terminal)
  • 17˚54̕01˝N, 087˚59̕45˝W ( Port of San Pedro)