Implementation Dates for Main Provisions of the Water Taxi Regulations

August, 2019

1. Passengers are required to present a State issued identification in order for their names to be placed on the manifests 15 minutes prior to departure.

2. Operators must issue life vests for passengers one year old and above.
3. Operators are not allowed to carry Cargo with Passengers; only personal effects of passengers are permitted.

4. No hazardous substance (chemicals, butane, gasoline, pesticides, etc.) is to be carried on board a water taxi.

5. Passengers who are considered to pose a threat to other passengers may be removed from the water taxi and charged for an offence.

6. A passenger fee is not applicable.

16 September, 2019

1. Operators must be in possession of a permit to operate a Water Taxi.
2. Operators are to ensure wheelchair access symbols are displayed on board and indicate where persons with disabilities will be accommodated.

31 December, 2019

1. Mates (deckhands) must be in possession of a Certificates of Competency for Mates.

2. Hull and superstructure shall conform to approved colour scheme, including other required markings.

3. Vessels that traverse in exposed waters to landing places outside Belize (Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras) shall comply with the Small Commercial Vessel (SCV) Code.

4. Vessels with a capacity of 12 or more passengers shall carry VHF radio, registered with the Public Utilities Commission, which can communicate on Channel 16.