Navigating Legal Waters: Belize Port Authority’s Guidance for the Belize Coast Guard Officers

Ms. Ranguy, the Research & Training Officer, along with Mr. Christian, provided the Belize Coast Guard Officers with a comprehensive overview of the laws and regulations governed by the Belize Port Authority. They elucidated on various aspects of these regulations, including operational protocols, safety standards, and legal requirements.

During the session, the officers were guided on how to effectively draft reports that adhere to legal standards. Ms. Ranguy and Mr. Christian emphasized the importance of accuracy, clarity, and detail in report writing, especially considering the potential for reports to be presented in court.

The training session aimed to equip the officers with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate legal requirements effectively in their operations. By the end of the session, the officers gained valuable insights into writing reports that not only meet legal standards but can also be presented effectively in court when required.