Order to Cease Port Operations

The Belize Meteorological Service has issued a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch for Tropical Cyclone Nana, as at 1742 hours today, Tuesday, 01 September, 2020.  Conditions are forecast to deteriorate with the cyclone making landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane overnight Wednesday, 02 September, 2020, for early Thursday morning.  This system is forecast to affect the entire coast (and country) of Belize.

The Belize Port Authority, in accordance with the standards of operation of ports and under the authority granted by the Belize Port Authority Act, and in order to avoid danger to life and property, hereby directs as follows:

  1. All ports shall be closed to arrival and departure of ships no later than 1000 Hours on Wednesday, 02 September, 2020.
  2. All foreign flagged ships in Belize are to depart and be clear of the territorial seas of Belize no later than 1200 hours on Wednesday, 02 September, 2020, and are advised to seek safe harbour in accordance with their emergency plan.
  3. Port, Shipping Agents and the Maritime Community in general are reminded of the weather restrictions established for port operations, which are attached.

Ships are prohibited from entering the ports and harbours of Belize until this order is lifted in writing by the Ports Commissioner.

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