Belize Port Authority attends CSA Executive Conference and UNCTAD Global Supply Chain Forum

The Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) held its annual executive conference in Miami, Florida, from May 19th-22nd, 2024. The event brought together key executives from shipping lines, port authorities, terminal operators, intergovernmental organizations, and associated industry partners operating in the Caribbean region.

During the conference, Darlin Gaitan, the Ports Commissioner of the Belize Port Authority (BPA), participated in panel sessions focusing on carbon emission reduction in maritime transport and zero emissions shipping. Alongside Kerrlene Wills of the United Nations Foundation and moderated by Christopher Persuad of the Inter-American Development Bank, discussions highlighted ongoing efforts to decarbonize shipping operations and the policy and technology opportunities for the Caribbean region.

The BPA was also represented at UNCTAD’s global supply chain forum in Barbados, where topics such as geopolitical events, food security, maritime security, trade facilitation, and sustainability were discussed. Major Lloyd Jones and Mr. Frank Burns joined the Ports Commissioner at this forum.

The panel on zero emissions shipping emphasized the importance of maritime decarbonization, particularly for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) like those in the Caribbean. The session included industry players such as Vivian Rambarath-Parasram of MTCC Caribbean, Philip Julien of Kenesjay Green, and World Bank Group representative Mr. Rico Salgmann. The discussion underscored the need for SIDS to actively participate in decarbonization efforts and ensure their voices are heard in international negotiations and implementation strategies, as outlined by the IMO’s 2023 Updated GHG strategy.