U.S. Coast Guard ISPS Annual Inspection of Belize Ports

Each year, the U.S. Coast Guard conducts its ISPS inspection to ensure ports comply with international standards. This year, three ports in Belize were inspected. The inspection began at the Port of Belize, where Mr. Anthony Sankey provided a comprehensive tour, sharing detailed insights about the port and its daily operations.

On the second day, the team visited San Pedro, where port operations are managed by the Belize Border Management Agency. They were greeted by Mr. Gutierrez, the Operations Manager, Ms. Julissa Chan, the Acting Manager, and other BMA staff members.

The final assessment took place at Harvest Caye Belize. Upon arrival, the team participated in a briefing led by Operations Manager Mr. Carlton Young. The meeting also included Security Supervisors Mr. Tony Noralez, Mr. Darius Martinez, Mr. Choco, and Mr. Call, along with Guest Supervisor Mr. Lobo.

The assessment team comprised Mr. Giovanni Rivera Torres and Mr. Joseph Castro from the U.S. Coast Guard, Mr. Michael Jenkins, the Operations Manager of the Belize Port Authority, Mr. Eion Lodge, the Port Inspectorate Supervisor, Port Inspectors Mr. Kenrick Velasquez, Mr. Vallan Vassel, and Mr. Darrell Swaso, and Training and Research Officer Ms. Elizabeth Ranguy.